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Matthew Winter

Matthew Winter is an AVID editor and drone pilot for NBC Network News in Chicago and works on Nightly News with Lester Holt and Today Show. Matthew has provided coverage on notable cases such as the Larry Nassar trial, Laquan McDonald case, Sandy Hook, Michael Brown case, Ferguson Riots, the Royal Wedding, the Haiti earthquake and Hurricane Katrina. His additional roles include bureau technical manager, videographer and media manager. Matthew has over 20 years of experience and is an Emmy award-winning video editor.

Immediately after graduating from the University of Montana, Matthew headed back to his hometown and began his career at CBS affiliate WROC in Rochester, NY where he worked as a photographer and live truck operator. Shortly thereafter, Matthew accepted a job at the same company where he interned, Time Warner’s R-News and isn’t sure to this day which was worse – the pay or the hours. However, R-News offered Matthew the opportunity to learn AVID, as R-News was one of the first news outlets in the country to have AVID editing.

Matthew’s next move was to CNN in Atlanta, where he continued his career as a news editor for CNN domestic and international, providing news coverage to such notable events as JFK Jr.’s untimely plane crash, Columbine and the Elian Gonzalez controversy. Furthering his experience and career Matthew joined CNN’s creative services department where he edited topical promotions for Larry King Live and Crossfire.

By 2000, CNN sent Matthew to Washington, DC where he became a director/editor for CNN’s affiliate service Newsource. It was during this time that Matthew was sent to cover breaking news across the country including the USS Cole’s return to America, Bush v Gore 2000 recount and 9-11.

After concluding his time with CNN Newsource, Matthew began work as a freelancer. He remained in DC working at CNN’s Washington Bureau on Capitol Hill where he continued covering 9-11, the Anthrax Letters and the Chandra Levy Case. His additional freelance assignments included work for the National Geographic Channel and NBC Network News.

Matthew’s years of AVID experience paid off as the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq broke out, NBC Network News was just switching over to AVID. He began to spend the majority of his time editing for Nightly News with Tom Brokaw, Today Show and Chris Matthew’s Show. One of the greatest pleasures of his career was being the commercial editor and operator for NBC’s Meet the Press with Tim Russert.

In his spare time, Matthew loves spending time with his family and 3 dogs. While he enjoys being outside in the summer time camping and hiking, his favorite sports are downhill skiing and ice hockey.

Course taught: Drones and Video Editing
Education: University of Montana, Radio-TV and Journalism​