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Marshall Goldman

Marshall Goldman is an international executive creative director and an eminent copywriter who worked at Leo Burnett in the U.S. and throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East, for more than twenty years.

He is also founder and chief creative officer for The LeftHand Agency, a brand building and marketing consultancy headquartered Chicago.

Among the clients Goldman has had the opportunity to work with, both at Leo Burnet and for his own agency, include Philip Morris International, Infiniti Motor Company, Mercedes Benz, Budweiser, Sealy, Kodak, Michael Jordan’s Steak House and Leica; as well as public service work for Life Goes On in Illinois, and H2O4JAP, a relief effort Goldman started in Moscow that sent safe drinking water to Japan after the tsunami.

In all his client and educational work, Goldman stresses the importance of what he calls, “brand patriotism”. A position he defines as “an unflagging belief in, and defense of, the value, power and meaning of a brand.

Goldman earned a BA in English, and an MA in English and creative writing from the University of Washington, in Seattle. For nine years while working overseas, he taught brand building workshops for his clients, as well as lead writing seminars for his agency copywriters.

Goldman is the published author of the children’s story, “Some Dogs Sing Opera”. He is a co-creator of the social media app, Flobe!t. And he is also a watercolorist whose paintings have been featured in U.S. and European galleries.

With decades of experience, particularly those spent internationally, Goldman was always in search of that most illusive of grails: “How to successfully market global brands on a local level?” It is a quest that he continues to undertake for his clients, and equally challenges his students to answer.​