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Undergraduate Internship Program

While participating in a College of Communication internship, students also take a course that combines work and learning. The experience provides an opportunity to learn and test cutting-edge career management principles while honing the skills needed to succeed in the rapidly changing communication fields. The course meets DePaul’s Experiential Learning Requirement only when taken concurrently with an internship.

Step 1: Request Access to an Online Orientation Session (Must participate within 12 months of the internship) Note: If you have already participated in an orientation session, please proceed to Step 2.

The College of Communication undergraduate internship experience begins with a dynamic orientation session where you will learn:

    • How to earn academic credit for one or more internships
    • Proven methods to find your dream internship—or future job—through DePaul-sponsored and external resources (If you do not already have an internship.)
    • Career management tips to make the best use of resources while working at your internship site

To request access to the online orientation session, please click here ( Once enrolled through D2L, you can participate at your convenience.

Step 2:  If you have requested access to an internship orientation session or, have participated in a session within the last 12 months, please proceed to the appropriate next step below:

Check for Program Requirements

    • Are you a College of Communication major or minor?
    • Have you earned at least 64 credit hours (Have completed one full quarter as a Sophomore)?
    • If you are a Communication major, have you completed at least two of the four required communication core courses (101, 102, 103, or 104)?
    • If you are a Communication major, have you completed at least two courses in your major (PRAD/JOUR/CMNS/MCS, etc.)?
    • If you are a Communication minor, have you completed at least two courses among those required for your Communication minor?
    • Is your overall grade point average at least a 2.5?

If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, please continue to Step 2 as instructed in How to Apply for Internship Credit.

For More Information

If you have questions about completing the Internship Program, please contact the Internship Program Director Graciela Kenig, at (312) 362-7988 or

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