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Our dedicated faculty body of more than 50 full-time members widely recognized in their fields is joined by distinguished adjunct faculty: senior executives from leading national and international corporations, award-winning practitioners from agencies, and experienced reporters, editors and broadcast journalists.

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Staff and Administration

Our college staff, administration, and the advising team are dedicated to creating a welcoming and supportive environment for students as they progress in their degree programs and accomplish their curricular, co-curricular and media production goals. 


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Current faculty and staff, log on to the College of Communication Resource Site here​. ​

Faculty Research Projects​

Our faculty are dedicated scholars whose passion comes through in their research and writing. ​Learn more about their recent research projects below.

Adventures in Time and Space By Professor Paul Booth

Booth discusses his work curating sixty years of academic and fan-based work on the history, longevity, and scope of the popular television series Dr. Who. Read more

The What and Why of Chemo Brain By Associate Professor William Baglia

Cancer patients often experience chemo brain, a wide range of cognitive impairments resulting from cancer treatment. Associate Professor Jay Baglia’s current research focuses on how cancer patients communicate with oncology nurses about chemo brain. Read more

Why is my Child Talking in Meme? By Professor Kelly Kessler

Even as a media scholar, Kelly Kessler grapples with the role media plays in her own children’s lives. Her current book project will share perspectives on how she and other media scholars negotiate raising children in a world saturated with YouTube, streaming platforms, video games, and social media. Read more

Recent Faculty Books

Recent faculty books published include: 

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