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Helen Katz Ullman

Helen Katz is Executive Vice President, Research, at Publicis Media, where she focuses on global research data and analysis. She joined the company in May 2001 as a Strategic Research Director at GM Planworks, working for General Motors. Prior to that, Helen had her own media research consultancy. Helen has also worked at Zenith Media in New York and DDB Needham Chicago. She began her career as an advertising professor at Michigan State University. She has published numerous articles in industry and academic journals.

Helen has a master's degree in advertising and a PhD in communications from the University of Illinois, and was an undergraduate English major at the University of London. She has published four textbooks on advertising and media, the most recent of which are: The Media Handbook (7th edition, 2019) and Influencer: The Science of Swaying Others (2020). She is on the Board of Trustees of the Advertising Research Foundation and ex-officio Chair of the Executive Committee of the Media Rating Council. Helen is a recipient of an Advertising Research Foundation "Great Minds" award for research innovation and her research for the VivaKi Pool won a Silver Jay Chiat award for innovation.