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Tao (Tony) Deng

  • Assistant Professor
  • ​​PhD (Michigan State University)
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • (312) 362-8910
  • 14 E. Jackson Blv​d., Room 1264

Tao (Tony) Deng holds an MA in communication from Marquette University in the US, and an MSSc in media management from Hong Kong Baptist University. Tony earned his PhD in information and media at Michigan State University specialized in advertising.

Tony worked as editor for China Daily and Guangzhou Daily, and subsequently in advertising agencies in Hong Kong. His research interests include cross-cultural advertising appeal and strategies, consumer psychophysiological response to advertising messages, and interactive/digital advertising strategies.

In advertising education, Tony stresses the importance of moving toward a programmatic world—using AI to buy or sell advertising inventory and target the most relevant audiences, and actively integrates the latest industry technology trends in his classes.

Selected Publications

Deng, T., Ekachai, D., & Grow, J. (2019). Coca-Cola: Globalizing Gender. Decoding Coca-Cola: A Biography of a Global Brand, Crawford, R., Brennan, L. & Khamis, S.(eds.), Routledge, N.Y.

Deng, T., Kanthawala, S., Meng, J., Peng, W., Kononova, A., Hao, Q., Zhang, Q., & David, P. (2018). Measuring smartphone usage and task-switching with objective tracking and self-reports: An exploratory study. Mobile Media & Communication, 7(1). doi:10.1177/2050157918761491

Deng, T. & Grow, J. (2018). Gender segregation revealed: Five years of Red Books data tell a global story. Advertising & Society Quarterly, 19(3).

Grow, J. & Deng, T. (2015). Tokens in a man's world: Women in advertising creative departments. Media Report to Women, 43(1), 6.​