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How to Apply for Internship Credit

​​​​Academic credit is earned when a student interns in an organization while taking an online internship course.

  • Step 1: Participate in an Online Internship Orientation Session
  • Step 2: Obtain an unofficial transcript through Campus Connect per the attached instructions. Transcript Retrieval Procedure.pdf
  • Step 3: Complete and submit a brief online form that will tell us about you and your internship. Note: You must have a firm offer in order to complete the form. You will need the name of your supervisor, their contact information, and details about your internship. These include approximate hours, start date, and duties.

Enrollment Deadlines

Quarter you plan to enroll in a CMN internship course
December Intersession 2019*
Winter Quarter 2020
Submit Internship Proposal
Nov 10
Jan 3
Complete the Internship Orientation
Nov 10
Jan 6

Internship Position Standards 

An internship position must carry significant responsibilities in the student’s field of study, giving him or her opportunities to hone skills while exploring career issues and interests.

  • Work must be performed while the student is enrolled in an internship course.
  • An internship must be a significant position, which gives the student an opportunity to explore career development issues and interests.
  • Duration of at least 10 weeks; working at least 10 hours/week (but no more than 20 if the position is unpaid).
  • Workload includes at least two learning objectives/responsibilities that provide experience in the student’s major
  • The position should not entail more than 25% clerical work
  • The position should involve substantial interaction with professional staff and/or supervisory personnel who can provide guidance and mentoring.
  • Work must be performed in a workplace/business environment--not in the supervisor's private home.

About December Intersession*

This course is in session from December 2nd through the 20th, 2019. It is only available to undergraduate students who meet the following requirements:

  • Must have an internship that meets the Internship Position Standards above
  • Must begin working on or before November 4th, 2019
  • Must be able to work 100 hours by December 20th
  • Submit your internship proposal (here) by November 10th
  • Participate in an online orientation session (here) by November 10th

Authorization for International Students

If you have an F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant visa status, you must first obtain the necessary authorization to engage in off-campus employment from International Student and Scholar Services (ISS). If you have any questions regarding employment authorization, contact ISS.