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Admission & Aid

At DePaul, we know that communication is a science and an art. Here, you’ll learn the practical skills you’ll need for a career in journalism, radio, TV and film, in relational, organizational, and small group communication, or in public relations and advertising. But you’ll also become a critical thinker — gaining the qualities of independence and objectivity, of discernment and judgment, that are so important to successful communication in work and in life.

The College of Communication student body is a diverse group of students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees in 10 unique programs. With more than 1,770 undergraduate students and 185 graduate students, the College of Communication is one of the fastest growing colleges at DePaul.

An Education Both Theoretical and Practical

In the College of Communication, you’ll gain both theory and practice, knowledge and experience. Maybe you’d like to understand how media shape the terms of public debate, or learn how to communicate health care messages to at-risk minority populations. Perhaps you’re interested in crisis communication, corporate culture and politics, or radio history, or language and its use among and between groups in the U.S. What about cultural history and U.S. cinema? Or the impact of blogging on public policy debates? Or persuasion and global politics? The avenues possible through the College of Communication lead in many different directions.

An Engaged — and Engaging — Faculty

While our professors are recognized for their research and scholarly books and articles, their first love is teaching. Given their expertise in communication, our faculty ​members know how to create an interesting and provocative dynamic in the classroom. Here, you’ll find a free and lively exchange of ideas, a friendly interaction between students and teachers, and one-on-one attention in support of your goals.

Multimedia and Interactive Environments

You’ll gain technological expertise in our state-of-the-art facilities, including a green screen studio and control room converged to a Mac lab. The college has several high-end editing suites, a PC lab, and two multimedia smart classrooms. In addition, you’ll have access to digital technology facilities in the Digital Cinema lab, which includes a motion capture system as used in "Avatar" and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy.

Beyond-the-Classroom Education

DePaul students can say, "Chicago is our classroom," as they take advantage of the city’s media market, including the Chicago Tribune, three major network newsrooms, the Museum of Broadcast Communication, the Center for New Television, and the Chicago Film Center.

For information on admission procedures, as well as financial aid, visit the undergraduate​ or graduate​ sections of Admission & Aid. ​