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Adriane Stoner

Adriane Stoner has both a BA and an MA in communication from DePaul University. She earned her PhD in the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago, which specializes in new media technology.

Adriane teaches courses in both relational and organizational communication and is developing courses that explore the impact of new media on relational and organizational life. Adriane has been teaching at DePaul since 2010. Her undergraduate courses include Communication and Dating, Introduction to Human Communication, The Dark Web, and Living Online: Relationship and Identity Development.

Adriane’s current research examines the impact of new media — specifically the internet and mobile media — on education abroad, cultural immersion and notions of place.


Chicago Quarter Outstanding Faculty Member Award, 2018
College of Communication Excellence in Teaching Award (Term Faculty), 2018
College of ​Communication Excellence in Teaching Award (Adjunct), 2012