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Kyle Barrowman

Kyle Barrowman received his PhD from Cardiff University, his MA from the University of Chicago and his BA from Columbia College Chicago (where he also teaches). His research interests include film studies (particularly genre theory, authorship, and aesthetics), philosophy (particularly the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein, J.L. Austin, and Stanley Cavell) and martial arts (particularly the genre of martial arts cinema and the sport of MMA).

Recent Publications

Books (Edited)
  • ReFocus: The Films of Kon Ichikawa (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming).
  • Fighting Stars: Stardom and Reception in Hong Kong Martial Arts Cinema (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).
Book Chapters (Authored)
  • "Descendant of the Dragon: Stephen Chow, Postmodernism, and the Legacy of Bruce Lee," in The Cinema of Stephen Chow (Bloomsbury, forthcoming).
  • "More than Meets the Eye: Perspectives on William Wyler and the Auteur Theory," ReFocus: The Films of William Wyler (Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming).
  • "Origins of the Action Film: Types, Tropes, and Techniques in Early Film History," A Companion to the Action Film.
Journal Issues (Edited) Journal Articles (Authored)

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