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Kyle Barrowman

Kyle Barrowman received his PhD from Cardiff University, his MA from the University of Chicago and his BA from Columbia College Chicago (where he also teaches). His research interests include film studies (particularly film history, genre theory, and authorship), philosophy (particularly the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Ludwig Wittgenstein, J.L. Austin, Ayn Rand, and Stanley Cavell) and martial arts (particularly the genre of martial arts cinema and the sport of MMA). In addition to teaching courses on film history and criticism, Barrowman serves as an editorial assistant for the Martial Arts Studies journal and also works as a copyeditor for the MMA news site Sherdog.

Recent Publications

Journal Issues (Edited) Book Chapters (Authored) Journal Articles (Authored)
  • "Morals of Encounter in Steve Jobs: J.L. Austin, Stanley Cavell, and the Possibilities of Ordinary Language Philosophy," Film and Philosophy 24.
  • "Lessons of the Dragon: Bruce Lee and Perfectionism between East and West," Global Media and China 4.3.
  • "Bruce Lee and the Perfection of Martial Arts (Studies): An Exercise in Alterdisciplinarity," Martial Arts Studies 8.
  • "'English, motherfucker, do you speak it?': Pulp Fiction and the Future of Film-Philosophy," JOMEC Journal 13.
  • "The Future of Art Criticism: Objectivism Goes to the Movies," The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 18.2.
  • "Signs and Meaning: Film Studies and the Legacy of Poststructuralism," Offscreen 22.7.
  • "Philosophical Problems in Contemporary Art Criticism: Objectivism, Poststructuralism, and the Axiom of Authorship," The Journal of Ayn Rand Studies 17.2.

Research Output: