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Neal Heitz

If I could print über-truthful business cards, my title would be: “Crusher of 19 Year Old's Dreams”, or “Fantasy Job Reign-er-inner”, but as it stands College Instructor of Special Events is the official printed title. This illustrious title was secured by a long career which has included:
  1. Organizing games of hide-'n'-seek that span two continents (well not really, but when you’re a kid two blocks can certainly seem like two very separate continents.)
  2. Wrapping cornstalks for a fall pumpkin festival without the help of step-by-step instructions posted on Pinterest.
  3. Frying chicken for every graduation, communion and confirmation party on the South side of Chicago.
These formative lessons led me to a career in the special events industry. With all of this necessary experience, I transitioned myself into an adjunct faculty member and found myself perched on a soapbox hollering about the one thing I was destined to teach… event planning.
I haven't written the next great American novel yet, but it's definitely on my mind.  In the meantime, I write a blog about what it means to break into the world of event planning.