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Scott Vyverman

Areas of Interest and Specialization
Scott Vyverman is a former radio professional who worked in Chicago as a music DJ and newscaster before transitioning to higher education. He has been at DePaul since the fall of 2001. His primary professional interests are radio, podcasting, television, and American cinema. In addition to teaching journalism and media courses, he is the faculty administrator of Radio DePaul, DePaul's award-winning streaming radio station. In his "spare" time he is a voice-over performer, specializing in radio and television commercials and corporate presentations.

Media Coverage
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Radio DePaul was named Best Station in the Nation in 2010. Additionally, they were named Best Online College Station in 2012 and 2013. The station was a finalist for 28 national and state college radio awards in 2015, winning 12. Overall, Radio DePaul has been a finalist for over 100 national and state college radio awards since 2010.

Professional Organizations
Scott Vyverman is a member of the College Media Advisers. Radio DePaul is a member of the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System and College Broadcasters, Inc.

Instructor Vyverman serves as Radio DePaul's faculty advisor.