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Combined Degree Programs

The College of Communication offers several combined degree programs to undergraduate students who have achieved a high level of academic success, and are interested in earning both a BA or BS and an MA in an accelerated period. Most students complete the combined degree program in five years.

Our combined degree programs are now open to all undergraduate majors across the university. Please see the specific program pages for application and admission requirements.

Program Offerings

Students who are interested in any of these programs must apply to the Graduate Admission Office in their junior year, and if accepted, can take up to three graduate courses in their senior year. These three courses count towards both the bachelor’s program and the master of arts degree. Once students earn their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree from DePaul, they matriculate as a graduate student and complete the remaining required courses for their Master of Arts degree.

Typical Schedule for Students in the Combined Degree Program

Senior year
Fall quarter: Take one graduate course
Winter quarter: Take one graduate course
Spring quarter: Take one graduate course (student completes undergraduate degree requirements and matriculates as a graduate student for fall quarter.)
Fifth/Graduate year*
Fall quarter: Take three courses
Winter quarter: Take three courses
Spring quarter: Take three courses
*Please note that DCMA requires 10-11 courses in the fifth/graduate year.

Double Demon Scholarship

Alumni from any of DePaul’s colleges who are admitted into a graduate degree program in the College of Communication automatically qualify for the Double Demon Scholarship. Combined degree program students are eligible.

This scholarship covers 25% of the tuition for a master’s degree in the College of Communication. Both full-time and part-time students are eligible. No scholarship application is required; all alumni admitted to these programs beginning with the winter quarter of 2014 or thereafter qualify.

DePaul University employees are eligible for other employee tuition benefits through the university, and therefore are not eligible for the Double Demon Scholarship. 

To learn more about this scholarship, please contact the Office of Graduate Admission at (773) 325-4405 or