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Internships Abroad

Sage Corps students in Hong Kong
Student interns in Hong Kong. (Photo by Sage Corps)
Stand out as a job candidate in your field and gain a global perspective by interning abroad. Through the College of Communication Internship Program, you can apply for a full-time international internship offered by one of our partner organizations:

  • Academic Programs International (API)
  • Sage Corps
  • Universidad Blas Pascal (UBP)

While interning, you’ll take an online course through the College of Communication that counts towards your DePaul degree.

  • Internship duration: Eight weeks (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer Quarter)
  • Course: CMN 394 or 395 (undergraduate) or CMN 591 (graduate); 10 weeks, fully online
  • Application deadlines*: Refer to specific program site below
*We encourage you to apply as early as possible for the best internship placement opportunities.

How to Apply for an Internship Abroad

  1. Explore available internship opportunities through API, Sage Corps, or UBP on their websites.
  2. Apply for an internship directly on the API, Sage Corps, or UBP website.
  3. After you’ve been accepted as an intern through one of our partners, apply to enroll in the online summer course offered by the College of Communication.
    • Undergraduate students apply to enroll in CMN 395​ (4 credit hours), a 10-week course offered in the fall, winter, spring, and summer. This course can fulfill the Experiential Learning Requirement or count as a CMN elective.
    • Graduate students apply to enroll in CMN 591 (4 credit hours), a 10-week course offered in fall, winter, spring, and summer that counts as an elective.

Internship Abroad Partners

We partner with reputable organizations that will help you gain valuable experience for your professional career. API, Sage Corps, and UBP provide access to rigorous, high-quality internships that are relevant to a variety of communication fields.

DePaul’s primary role is to help you earn internship credit while you work abroad. Our partners will handle all arrangements connected to your international internship and will bill you directly for all services provided.



Internships through Academic Programs International (API) are available in vetted small- to mid-sized organizations in:

  • Europe: England, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Scotland, Spain
  • Latin America: Argentina, Chile
  • South Pacific: Australia, New Zealand
Sage Corps logo

Internships through Sage Corps are available in remote, vetted start-up organizations across the globe. In these 12 to 16-week remote programs, you will work alongside CEOs, CMOs, and CTOs to build real solutions to real problems. You'll be creating go-to market strategies, content marketing, or other high impact contributions that will make a difference in your startup. You'll build a global network through fireside chats with alumni at top brands such as Google, Nike, Accenture, JP Morgan, and others, as well as participate in seminars and Q&As with experienced professionals about their fields of experience. 




Internships through UBP are available in vetted start-up organizations in Cordoba Argentina. Gain experience in any of the following areas:

  • Communications and social networks
  • Marketing, publicity and branding
  • Web design and development

Questions? Contact Michael Elias, director of internships, at