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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
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College of Communication Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Action Plan

Updated August 15, 2023

Mission and Vision

The College of Communication believes in promoting the values of inclusion and equity of opportunity for all faculty, staff, and students. We strive to create a culture of inclusivity and respect for diversity. Community members promote transparency, accountability, fairness, and integrity. We also will engage in the ongoing work of identifying and interrogating prejudice, injustice, and institutional bias in all forms.

Our college is committed to:

  • ​Taking the necessary actions to disrupt, and/or change norms and practices that work to uphold or perpetuate systems of prejudice and inequity in our college, our curriculum, and in our classrooms.
  • Providing opportunities for development and training to faculty and staff.
  • Reviewing existing policies, processes, and practices in support of equity and inclusion.

Goal and Actions

In 2020, the college developed a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) action plan, addressing practices and policies at all levels. Every year the plan is processed and reshaped through input from the college diversity advocate, diversity working groups, the DE&I faculty committee, our students, faculty members and staff members from across the college. The action plan addresses both short-term and extended goals. It remains as a living document that is continually added to, reflected upon and modified as needed in order to meet the changing needs of our college community and foster and promote a supportive, diverse and inclusive environment. In the spring term of 2022, the college created a 3-year DE&I action plan, specifying the goals, objectives, and timeline for the initiatives proposed.​ The action plan is summarized below; for the detailed version, see: CMN 3-Year DEI Action Plan - AY23-AY25.pdf

To read about progress on the college's various DE&I initiatives, visit the Action Steps​ page.

  • Support faculty and staff to lead and coordinate the activities of the current 3-year action plan
  • Facilitate challenges of communication between the leadership of the college and the different college communities
  • Implement best practices for recruiting a diverse faculty
  • Ensure inclusive hiring and retention practices, supporting the diverse needs, identities and experiences of all our college community
  • Build skills for identifying and managing personal bias and stereotypes in disciplinary decision-making
  • Organize events for community-building
  • Provide a student liaison to support student-related DEI activities
  • Support student experiences in the college by facilitating channels of communication with their faculty
  • Provide students with opportunities for discussion of diversity, equity, and inclusion matters outside of the classroom
  • Empower students to communicate their learning interests and needs with their programs in the college
  • Improve the programs and resources offered to students, aimed at fostering the success of a diverse study body
  • Improve teaching competence in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Encourage discussion and training for faculty and staff regarding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion and reaffirm DEI commitment across the college; build a shared vocabulary around the work of social justice
  • Diversify voices and representation within course readings and materials in an ongoing effort to decolonize courses and disciplines across the college
  • Mentor junior faculty in their advancement toward tenure
  • Acknowledge and value DEI professional development activity in faculty annual reviews
  • Acknowledge and value DEI professional development and activity for staff members in the college
  • Ensure equitable and clear distribution of professional development opportunities for staff
  • Support faculty and staff experiences in the college; help identify and discuss any concerns

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding current or potential DE&I initiatives in the college, we welcome your feedback! Email us at