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Internships offer DePaul University College of Communication students actual work experience in their chosen field of study. Through long-term and new relationships with a variety of corporate, government, and not-for-profit organizations, the highly successful College of Communication Internship Program creates internship opportunities for eligible students. Fields include broadcast, print, and online media, radio, television, and film, public relations, advertising, and marketing agencies, philanthropic and historical non-profit organizations.

While participating in a College of Communication internship, students also take a course that blends work and learning. The combined experience provides a global perspective, assists career decision-making, drives individual success through on-the-job experiences and presents valuable networking opportunities.

Weekly emails listing internship opportunities are sent to all active sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students. If you are not receiving them and wish to be added the mailing list, please send an email with your name, email address, and student ID number and Weekly Flyer in the subject line to

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If you have questions about completing the Internship Program, please contact the Internship Program Director Graciela Kenig, at (312) 362-7988 or​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​