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Continuing and Professional Education

DePaul University Continuing and Professional Education (DePaul CPE) provides adult students with the latest knowledge and practical insights to enhance their professional development and advance their careers.

The College of Communication’s close connections and extensive network of instructors and professionals in the Chicago region allow students to learn from experienced communicators who incorporate the latest communication theories with established and practical industry knowledge.

Here you will find information on CPE seminars offered by the College of Communication on a variety of topics which extend across the disciplines and expertise found in our academic programs offered throughout our college. More topics will be added on a rotating basis throughout the academic year.

​Upcoming Courses in Communication

Winter and Spring 2016-2017
Certificate: Communication with Confidence (Feb. 28-March 4)
Faculty: Don Martin and Jay Baglia

Certificate: Crisis Communication (April 5, 12 & 19)
Faculty: Jill Stewart, Rajul Jain and Jim Moltzer

Course: Portfolio Blaster (April 3, 10 &17)
Faculty: Ken Kirmstein

Autumn 2017-2018
Course: Communication with Confidence​ (Oct. 3-Nov. 7)
Faculty: Don Martin

Course: Portfolio Blaster​ (Oct. 11, 18 & 25)
Faculty: Ken Krimstein

Winter 2017-2018
Course: Communication Apprehension
Faculty: Don Martin

Course: Employment Interviewing
Faculty: Bruno Teboul

Spring 2017-2018
Certificate: Crisis Communication
Faculty: Jill Stewart, Rajul Jain and Jim Motzer

Course: Teambuilding
Faculty: Lexa Murphy