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Internship Providers

​​​​​​​DePaul University’s College of Communication provides opportunities for our majors seeking relevant internships positions and for employers seeking highly qualified interns. We work with hundreds of employers to help students integrate valuable work experience while concurrently completing a 4-credit internship course. For an internship position to count for credit, it must meet the Position Standards outlined below for the College of Communication's Internship Program.

Internship Position Standards

The internship position must carry significant responsibilities in the student's field of study. These may include one or more of the following: public relations, advertising, journalism, marketing, social media, radio/television/film, or other general communication studies such as organizational or intercultural communication. The position must also involve substantial interaction with professional staff and/or supervisory personnel who can provide guidance and mentoring. 

  • Work must be performed while the student is enrolled in an internship course.
  • The internship must run for at least 10 weeks, or the full quarter that the student intends to use the internship for academic credit. The internship may start before, or extend beyond, the duration of the academic quarter*. 
  • The internship must include a minimum of 8 hours per week at the internship site. The student must fulfill a minimum of 80 hours at their site over the course of 10-12 weeks to count for academic credit.
  • Students can earn credit whether the internship is paid or unpaid. If the internship is unpaid, the maximum number of hours should not exceed 20 per week; if the internship is paid​, the maximum number of work hours is determined by mutual agreement between the supervisor and intern. 
  • The position should not entail more than 25% clerical work.
  • Work must not be performed in an employer's private home. 
*DePaul University operates on a quarter system, so students are able to intern any time of the year! Specifically, students may complete classes over fall (September-November), winter (January-March), spring (April-early June), and summer (June-August) quarters.

Submission Process

Internships that meet the above position standards can be promoted on our internship board exclusively for College of Communication students! Please email Michael Elias, Internship Program Director, at with a position description (preferably in a Word document) that includes at least two learning objectives for the intern, the duration of the internship, application instructions, and a submission deadline. A line regarding compensation must be included in the position description.

Need help? More details are available at How to Create an Effective Internship Description and our Sample Internship Position Description.

If you have questions about internship submissions to the program, please contact the Internship Program Director Michael Elias at (312) 362-7988 or