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Internship Providers

DePaul University’s College of Communication provides services to both DePaul communication majors seeking internship positions and employers seeking highly qualified students to serve as interns. We work with hundreds of employers to help students integrate valuable work experience with a four-credit-hour internship course*.  

The following guidelines will help you determine if your internship position qualifies for the College of Communication’s Internship Program.

Internship Position Standards

  • An internship should be a significant position with a strong communication-related component typically required to work in any one or a combination of the following fields: journalism, public relations, advertising, marketing, media studies, cinema, or other general communication studies such as organizational or intercultural communication.
  • The experience must give the student an opportunity to explore career development issues and interests. It should involve substantial interaction with professional staff and/or supervisory personnel who can discuss the organization’s vision, goals and objectives with the student.
  • The job performed at the internship site should not entail more than 25% clerical work.
  • Work must be performed in a work-place/business environment—not in a private home. Freelance work does not qualify for a credit-bearing internship.
  • Interns are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week (but no more than 20 if the position is unpaid) over a ten week period.  *Please note that the University is in the quarter system and students are able to intern any time of the year.  Ideally, ​they should start working on or before dates that coincide with the Academic Calendar.
  • The position must be supervised by a paid professional within the organization. In addition to helping students learn skills needed in their chosen field, the supervisor must be willing to spend time working with the student on job-related issues and answering basic questions about company culture, work environment, career paths and other related topics.

Supervisor’s Responsibilities

As part of the internship experience, the supervisor agrees to:

  • Help the student set realistic, actionable goals s/he can achieve by the end of the internship
  • Provide a mentoring relationship
  • Create an environment and culture that fosters learning and development
  • Sign his/her time sheet at the end of each week
  • Complete an evaluation of the student's performance at the end of the quarter to help determine the student's grade for the four- credit-hour internship course.​

Submission Process

Organizations interested in listing internship opportunities that meet the above standards can submit their position description on a word document via e-mail to Graciela Kenig, Internship Program director, at include at least two learning objectives for the intern, name and contact information of the person to whom students should submit résumés, along with a submission deadline.

Need help? How to Create an Effective Internship Description Or, use the Sample Internship Position Description.pdf as a guide.

If you have questions about internship submissions to the program, please contact the Internship Program Director Graciela Kenig at (312) 362-7988 or