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Nathanael Bassett

Nathanael Bassett is a researcher and a PhD Candidate at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His work focuses on non-use and refusal of media, media archaeology, and the history and philosophy of technology. His dissertation research involves a phenomenology of disconnection and the non-use of mobile media in “dead zones.”

A former fellow of the National Science Foundation’s IGERT program in Electronic Security and Privacy at UIC, he completed his MA in media studies at The New School’s School of Media Studies in 2014 while working as a freelance videographer and artist/instructor for Youth Rights Media in New Haven, Connecticut. He has interned with Democracy Now! and Captured Time productions. He enjoys jazz, hiking and reading in his spare time.

Selected Publications

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  • Co-Presenter: Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Paper Tiger Television: Designs For a Rrradical New Media event, February 24, 2012