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Latino Media & Communication (Concentration)

The program educates students to think critically about all aspects of media and communication, with a particular focus on Latino media and Latino communities. Coursework provides students with the applied skills necessary to create communication strategies, which effectively reach the Latino segment of the population, based on an understanding of Latino cultures in the US and grounded in an understanding of its cultural, economic and sociological aspects. This concentration is open to all communication majors. 

Learning Goals

Students who complete the concentration will:

  • Develop an understanding of the heterogeneous and rapidly changing Latino communities locally, nationally, and globally.
  • Ground their knowledge of intercultural studies within a more extensive and concrete knowledge of a particular (even though diverse), rapidly growing, and increasingly important population within the US Latino communities.
  • Increase their cross-cultural competence (understanding and ability to dialogue across difference, develop cultural sensitivity and awareness) with Latino communities.
  • Develop insights into the needs and motivations of Latino populations in the workplace, in community situations, and other sites of engagement, and develop communications tools and strategies to address those needs and motivations.
  • Enhance their capacity to communicate with and learn from Latino populations in the workplace, in community situations, and other sites of engagement.
  • Recognize the impact of the movement of Latinos across the globe and to develop the skills to critically consume and produce media, public relations, and advertisement representations that communicate to and about Latino communities.
  • Both engage and demonstrate their interest in Latino Studies within and across diverse areas of knowledge production in the Communication field.

Course Requirements

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