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Fandom, Cult Media, and Subculture Studies (Minor)

​​​The College of Communication currently features multiple classes across many programs and curricula that all focus on the idea of "cult" media or subcultural audiences--that is, aspects of culture that are separate from, or differentiate themselves from the mainstream, or that present new ways of examining consumers and the emotional resonance of various media products on contemporary audiences. Courses that focus on genre films and television, audience analysis, affect, and cult products span the Media and Cinema Studies program, the Journalism program, the Public Relations and Advertising program, and the Communication Studies program. The Fandom, Cult Media, and Subcultural Studies minor will unite these courses under one banner in order to provide interested students with a focused concentration on fandom and cult media. The purpose of this minor is to allow students to understand how audiences and media producers design media texts to confront and challenge contemporary ideologies, to offer alternatives to the mainstream, and to engineer deliberate affective reactions in audiences.

A minor in Fandom, Cult Media, and Subcultural Studies requires students to complete a total of six courses (24 credit hours).

​Course Requirements


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