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International Communication (Minor)

​The interdisciplinary minor in International Communication draws from the College’s rich curricular offerings in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, Media and Cinema Studies, Relational, Organizational, and Intercultural Communication. Focusing on contemporary international and global issues and debates, the courses will examine the intersections of culture, identity, politics, education, labor, media, technology, and global information flows. Thus, this minor will develop international understanding, cultural intelligence, inclusivity and sensitivity, critical and analytical skills that teach different ways of being and doing in diverse settings.  It will also enhance the cross-cultural appreciation required to compete in an increasingly multicultural, multiethnic, and global workplace. The courses may focus on one or more countries beyond the United States. They may focus on a region, a continent or consider global issues more generally. The interdisciplinary depth of courses, faculty expertise and industry connections, as well as the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in this minor will enable students to become globally competitive candidates ready to engage in the 21st century job market.

Course Requirements

A minor in International Communication requires a student to complete six courses (24 credits) from the following:

Each course should have at least 50 percent or more of the content related to international or global issues. Such content may include issues pertaining to the United States as long as they are discussed within an international or global context.


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