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Environmental Communication (Minor)

This minor provides a foundation in the communication skills that help shape and influence environmental attitudes, values, practices and policy. Students will learn about the more formal aspects of environmental communication (federal, state, and local policy) as well as the less formal (representations of nature in mediated contexts, environmental journalism, social movement rhetoric, and corporate communication about the environment). They will develop a heightened critical sensibility about the ways in which communication and discourse not only shapes our understanding of the environment but also influences political and personal action. On a more practical level, students will enhance their public speaking, writing, interpersonal, and leadership skills in environmental advocacy contexts. Students will gain skills in in-depth multimedia reporting on science and environmental issues, as well as the role of socially responsible journalism in facilitating public understanding of environmental issues and participation in environmental governance. 

​Course Requirements

A minor in Environmental Communication requires students to complete a total of 24 credit hours (six courses). To complete the minor, students must take:  ​​​


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