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Students Visit Ketchum, a Global PR Firm

Students speak with a Ketchum representative
PRAD 384, an international public relations course taught by Professor Nur Uysal, visited the Ketchum office in Chicago for an agency tour. Ketchum is a global public relations firm that offers marketing, branding and corporate communications services in the corporate, healthcare, food and beverage and technology industries. Owned by Omnicom Group, Ketchum ranks among the largest and most geographically diverse PR agencies, which provides a great learning setting for students who want to learn more about international public relations.

Students tour the Ketchum office
Students get an inside look at Ketchum's Chicago office.

Uysal said: “Going on agency tours is a fantastic way to expose students to public relations practice in order to get a feel for what life is like post-graduation. It is a great way to network as well.”

The best part about the Ketchum visit was learning more about the firm's current campaigns and meeting with the team, including executive managers, professionals and interns. Students enjoyed the presentations and benefited from the insights they gained into global public relations. Students also had the opportunity to interact with the practitioners and learned another important lesson: to make the most of the relationships they just created by staying in touch with the practitioners through LinkedIn and email.