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Career Outcomes 2017: Communication Grads Landed Relevant Jobs in Their Chosen Industries

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According to the Career Center, 77 percent of College of Communication undergraduates did an internship during their time at DePaul.

A degree from the College of Communication connects to student success at a high rate, as shown by the Career Outcomes report from the DePaul Career Center. A survey of the Class of 2017 shows that over 90 percent of bachelor’s and master’s degree recipients from the College of Communication were employed, continuing education or not seeking employment within six months of graduating from DePaul.

The top job industries for College of Communication graduates include marketing and advertising, PR, entertainment, retail, hospitality, education and financial services.

Of those who are employed, 87 percent of undergraduate students and 93 percent of graduate students said they have jobs related to their degree. Many master's degree recipients advanced their existing careers, with 72 percent reporting new or better jobs immediately following graduation.

Among College of Communication bachelor's degree recipients, 77 percent completed an internship during their time at DePaul—the highest percentage reported across DePaul colleges this year.

While some students complete internships independently, many participate in the College of Communication Internship Program to gain a competitive edge in the job market. The program guides students through a course focused on career development while they complete an internship in their chosen field. This blend of academic and hands-on learning helps students earn college credit as they develop the skills they'll need to succeed in their careers.

“Employers appreciate the level of engagement that the Internship Program demands of their interns. Students not only engage with their supervisors, but also with other coworkers,” says Graciela Kenig, director of the College of Communication Internship Program. “In the process, students begin to see their projects in the context of the organization’s mission. And they learn the value of real-world experience.”

About the Career Outcomes Report

The annual Career Outcomes report from the DePaul Career Center highlights where DePaul students end up six months after completing their degree. The Career Center gathers data for the report by surveying recent graduates and analyzing their LinkedIn profiles. In addition to employment rate, the report also shares where graduates work, their median salaries and whether they completed an internship while they were a student.

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