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Students Report for Hoy/Chicago Tribune in New Initiative

Hoy/Chicago Tribune Student Articles
DePaul College of Communication Adjunct instructor Sandra Guy Kolina has established a partnership with the Hoy/Chicago Tribune newspapers to create student work that addresses issues pertinent to the multicultural Millennial community.

The agreement, thanks to the support of Dean Salma Ghanem and Journalism chair Jason Martin, results from a collaboration with DePaul alumna Laura Rodriguez, editor and curator of VOICE IT, Hoy’s English-language multicultural Millennial online portal and newspaper, Hoy Managing Editor Octavio Lopez, and General Manager Andres Lombana.

Hoy and VOICE IT are partnering with only two universitiesDePaul and Northwestern. For DePaul students, this presents an unparalleled opportunity to publish in a nationally known publication and bring attention to issues that the media might otherwise overlook. The students, once published, also may leverage their bylines to seek internships at any Tribune publication.

This partnership raises the profile of our Journalism program and our students’ work. To date, five DePaul students have published stories:
Students interested should contact Sandra Guy to learn more about this opportunity.