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Undergraduate Journalism Program

Start your journalism career in a major media hub

Undergraduate students may pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism or a minor in Journalism (which can be earned with any major).

In the Journalism BA program, students complete the core undergraduate curriculum, core communication courses, required journalism courses, and a mix of chosen electives.

Combined Degree Programs

Students pursuing a BA in Journalism also have the opportunity to apply for the combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program—completing coursework at an accelerated pace, saving time and money.

High-achieving first-year students can choose to complete the combined bachelor's + juris doctor (JD) program to earn a bachelor's degree and law degree in a total of six years.

Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence

Interested in investigative reporting? The Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence (CJIE) offers training, teaching and professional outreach to help young journalists learn how to navigate the world of investigative reporting, co-directed by award-winning reporting team Carol Marin and Don Moseley. Learn more about the center