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The DePaulia
The DePaulia
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The DePaulia is the award-winning newspaper produced by students at DePaul University. The paper publishes every Monday during the school year; its sister website,, also publishes Mondays and updates regularly to report on breaking news.

The paper is divided into six sections — News, Nation/World, Opinions, Focus, Arts/Life and Sports. In addition to coverage of the university, the staff covers news of the Lincoln Park and South Loop communities. Sports stories can be as diverse as covering an athlete’s accomplishment to writing about what a decline in basketball ticket sales means to the athletic program. Features can range from where to get the best deals on groceries to how to look fashionable in the winter. Arts and Life and Weekend Edition stories cover anything in the City of Chicago that can be of interest to the student population.

Writing and editing positions are open to all students; one does not need to be a journalism major to work on The DePaulia. In fact, many of our award-winning stories last year were produced by non-journalism majors. Many journalism teachers will take good work produced in their class and submit it to The DePaulia editors for consideration. Also, the Writing for The DePaulia (JOUR 390) course is open to all students who have taken Introduction to Journalism (JOUR 275) and regularly funnels stories, photos and video to the paper.

Journalism Instructor Marla Krause serves as The DePaulia faculty advisor.

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