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On a Mission to Diversify Advertising

Summer BRAND camp introduces diverse students to the advertising industry

​sing and helping them understand that there is a pathway to success that you can take if you decide to do this," Dillard explains. Mundel explains that “not only would it help us grow enrollment, but also it would help us serve a bigger purpose—to feed the pipeline for the advertising industry."

Twenty-eight students attended the one-week camp at DePaul. They learned some of the fundamentals of the advertising industry. “We also did some travel. We were able visit Leo Burnett, one of the largest ad agencies in the world," Dillard says. “Students got to meet people from different parts of the agency to learn about what they do and see some of the campaigns they create."

One surprise for the students was their visit to Facebook's Chicago headquarters, where they got some hands-on experience designing ads. “A lot of the students are Instagram users. Initially, they thought, 'Oh, Facebook. That's old school,'" Dillard exclaims. “When they learned that Facebook owns Instagram, they were like, 'Oh, really?' I think that was pretty much a mind-blowing experience for them. But, overall, just the idea of advertising as a career was, I think, also one of those 'aha' moments for them."

Dillard and Mundel found BRAND camp to be a fulfilling experience. “Oftentimes you don't have the opportunities to find a collective group of like-minded people looking to achieve the same goal," Dillard says. “We all see that there is a disparity in the industry, and it does take a lot of effort to address those disparities and a will to change them."

Originally published in Conversations (Spring 2020).