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Gina Christodoulou, Director of Operations, Prepares to Guide the College to BlueSky

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(DePaul University/Jamie Moncrief)
As the end of 2020 swiftly approaches, DePaul is preparing to usher in a new data management system with the New Year. All financial and human resource functions will transition from management on the PeopleSoft platform to BlueSky, an Oracle Cloud-based platform. The upgrade means changes to many business processes, including functions such as payroll, performance management, purchasing and more. Fortunately, Communication’s Gina Christodoulou is well accustomed to transition and is prepared to help the college navigate this change.

Gina Christodoulou
Gina Christodoulou, director of operations for the College of Communication
A native of Greece, Gina moved to Chicago to attend college and study biology. After graduating cum laude from Northeastern Illinois University, she began her career in the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology sections of Rush University’s Orthopedic Surgery department, where she conducted rheumatoid arthritis research and co-authored an article published in the journal Immunogenetics. During her time at Rush, Gina made the decision to transition from science to business, and applied to Northeastern’s MBA program. The program reignited her childhood love of numbers and formulas. “I was completely taken with my classes in finance,” she explains. “I thought that if I ever had the chance, I would study finance.” After finishing her MBA with distinction, Gina returned to Greece and worked in the professional education arena. In 2013, she returned to Chicago and began searching for roles in academia, joining the college the same year.

As director of operations, Gina serves as the dean’s proxy for business matters and manages the college’s finance and business operations. “A large portion of my position is to develop, manage and control the budget in the college. Additionally, I perform analysis on various financial data, conduct expenditure projections, and recommend and implement systems that promote operational efficiency.” She also oversees many of the processes that keep the college running smoothly. “Faculty and staff reach out to me for assistance with financial and business transactions such as reimbursements, honorariums, payments, contracts and purchasing.”

With a planned rollout for January 2021, BlueSky promises to provide efficient HR and financial services functionality and an improved end-user experience. Gina is gearing up for the transition, having started preliminary BlueSky trainings in early fall. “A striking difference one will notice immediately is that the new interface is modern, user-friendly and intuitive.”

Faculty and staff training sessions for BlueSky will begin in November. Anticipate updates from Gina on session dates and any relevant news. Also, follow the progress of BlueSky implementation in Newsline and on DePaul’s BlueSky website.

Gina eventually fulfilled her wish to study finance. In 2018, she completed an MS in finance with distinction from DePaul’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. When she’s not working, Gina is working out. “My major passion is running. I usually run 5 times a week and occasionally I participate i​n long-distance races. I also like to read, cook, spend time with my friends and family, and travel whenever I get the chance.”