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College Office Access During Fall Quarter 2020: A Conversation with Business Coordinator Aaron Krupp

Meet Aaron, the college's new business coordinator who gives some tips on office access during fall quarter 2020

Office chair at desk
Business Coordinator Aaron Krupp began working with the college just three months before the COVID-19 pandemic forced everyone to leave campus to shelter in place. However, in that short time, he managed to seamlessly to fit right in.

"I have always heard about the amazing work and student culture at DePaul, and I have not been disappointed. Fun and engaging work culture is important to me, and I am not afraid to ask questions—luckily, my coworkers and colleagues are open to answering my questions entirely! Good fit!"

As we adjust to the new university-wide guidelines for visiting campus, Aaron provides the following updates on accessing College of Communication spaces and office coverage:

  1. Access to CMN Buildings: "Swipe access will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 14 E. Jackson, all floors, as well as Byrne Hall. Everyone is required to bring their valid DePaul IDs along with wearing a beautiful facemask in order to prevent any spread of germs."
  2. Office Coverage: "Matthew Rodgers, our fantastic reception desk student worker, and I will be in the office on the 18th floor of 14 E. Jackson from September 8 until September 18, 2020. Ongoing, there will be one standing day a week where there will be a presence on the 18th floor of 14 E. Jackson. There will be no presence at Byrne Hall."
  3. Mail Distribution: "Mail will be collected and distributed once a week on Mondays. Mail pickup can occur at your leisure."
Aaron Krupp
Aaron Krupp, business coordinator for the College of Communication

Aaron is also involved in rolling out Microsoft Teams across the college. "Communication between staff and faculty will be easy in order to alert people in regards to changes to these rules and recommendations." Also, see the university’s reopening employee guidebook.

Office management is only one aspect of Aaron’s broad role in the college. "In essence, I coordinate all of the business for the staff and faculty’s administrative needs. People call on me when they need general help; I also point them in the right direction or handle an ad hoc task myself." This includes managing Communication offices and facilities, overseeing tenure and review document management processes, and supervising a team that handles scheduling, contracts, the college general email account and phone coverage. "My favorite part about working at DePaul are the amazing colleagues and coworkers who have never hesitated to help me out and are always vigorous teammates."

Aaron joined Communication in December from previous roles in corporate sales and customer service. "I also managed a few locations of a hair salon franchise, and this role gave me a lot of experience and hearty laughs—both good and bad!"

He holds a BA in advertising from the College of Communication at University of Illinois. Aaron is also an artist, a painter currently pursuing a BS in painting. He’s been busy lately with a new adopted kitten named Chip Dip and settling into solo living in his new apartment.

You can reach Aaron at