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Two New PR & Advertising Faculty Join the College

The College of Communication is excited to kick off the 2019-20 academic year by welcoming two new faculty members to the Public Relations and Advertising program.

Tony Deng
Tao (Tony) Deng

Assistant Professor Tao (Tony) Deng earned his PhD in information and media (specialized in advertising) at Michigan State University. Tony worked as editor for China Daily and Guangzhou Daily, and later worked in advertising agencies in Hong Kong. His research interests include cross-cultural advertising appeal and strategies, consumer psychophysiological response to advertising messages, and interactive/digital advertising strategies. In his teaching, Tony stresses the importance of moving toward a programmatic world using AI and actively integrates the latest industry technology trends in his classes.

When it comes to experiential learning, there's no greater place than DePaul. "Advertising theory without practice is nonsense and a complete waste of the students' and professor’s time," says Assistant Professor Deng. "I chose DePaul because of its strong tie to the ad industry at the heart of Chicago. At DePaul, the classroom is the whole city. More importantly, DePaul’s Global Engagement initiatives afford students a broader reach beyond the US-centric view of advertising. Because today’s digital advertising knows no national borders."

Hyejin Kim
Hyejin Kim

Assistant Professor Hyejin Kim received her MA and PhD in mass communication from the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. Her research areas include social media advertising and electronic word-of-mouth (eWOM). Her recent projects investigated how interpersonal influences affect social media users’ information acceptance and retransmission. Before joining DePaul, she worked in market research, advertising and data-driven consulting.

Assistant Professor Kim says that she's excited to contribute to DePaul's mission and explore concepts across academic disciplines. "I look forward to building a strong bridge between the field of advertising and other disciplines to help students adapt to change and develop critical and creative thinking skills."

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