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Alumni Advice with Consultant Arbin Smith

Arbin Smith
Arbin Smith (CMN MA ’00) is an expert in taking the uncomfortable and making it comfortable. As a consultant for Deloitte, Smith works with educational medical centers and community hospitals during their transition from paper to electronic records, which is not an easy evolution for hospitals with thousands of records or for the people who have been doing their jobs in a certain way for years. Smith acts as liaison for the doctors, nurses and other health care professionals, allaying their fears, answering their questions and strategizing ways to make the tricky transition more bearable. He asks questions, listens to their concerns and then proactively and collaboratively finds solutions.

“We’re implementing an automated system, but companies are not purely automated,” Smith says. “I find out how we can integrate the system and the people effectively.”

It’s a daunting undertaking, but it’s a process that Smith has all but perfected in his 10 years on the job. He enjoys being part of making U.S. health care as efficient and effective as possible and helping people communicate and understand. His master’s in Organizational Communication prepared him well for the process.

“My DePaul degree really differentiates me from others,” he says. “The perspective I bring is different from that of my colleagues. We have to crisply articulate what these changes mean for the individuals and the jobs they do. My degree program helped me synthesize very complex information into assertive and meaningful messages that help the people who matter.”

More Advice from Arbin

  • Challenge the Status Quo By Asking ‘Why?’

    Why can’t we change the model? Why does this have to be this way? Why can’t we bend the cost curve? Why? Don’t accept things as they are because that’s how they’ve always been. Instead, try to  and a way to do it differently. When you ask “Why?” you begin to release your capacity to think creatively.

  • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

    It’s easy to fall into patterns. You  and the things that make you comfortable, and you stick with them. That’s human nature. But in today’s world, true innovators get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Complacency usually leads to a slow decline. Take advantage of as many instances and opportunities as you can to make yourself uncomfortable. That’s how you grow.

  • Network with Intention

    With the advent of social media, networking channels today are unmatched. Every relationship you have, every person that you know, it all connects you to something else. When you network, be intentional about it. It’s not just about the name, rank, serial number, the “Here’s my name and here’s what I do.” Really try to make yourself memorable and create a connection.

  • Appreciate Each and Every Day, and Account for Everything

    Don’t get too high on the wins, and don’t get too low on the losses. Find that equilibrium, and celebrate each day. Sometimes things will go according to plan; sometimes they won’t. Regardless, stay the course.