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Fandom Expert Prof. Paul Booth on Fan Entitlement

CMN Professor contributes to LA Times article on fans' online Age of Entitlement

Prof. Paul Booth
The relationship between creators and consumers of popular TV shows and movie franchises has reached a tipping point with fans making demands, and even death threats, when they aren't happy, reports the Los Angeles Times. 

Pop culture expert Paul Booth says that it's "a small vocal subset" that seems to take it too far, but finds it "hard to believe that this mentality existed years ago." He adds that our "culture of hyperbole" -- with everything being exaggerated as "the greatest" and "the best" -- has only perpetuated this discourse online.

For more comments from Prof. Booth along with creators such as Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman, read the Los Angeles Times' article, "Creators, fans and death threats: Talking to Joss Whedon, Neil Gaiman and more on the Age of Entitlement".