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DePaulia Makes Big Showing at 2015 ICPA Awards

The DePaulia​, our student-produced college newspaper, earned an admirable roster of awards this past weekend at the annual Illinois College Press Association Awards.

The entire publication was honored with a First Place in General Excellence, while the paper broke it’s own record for awards received at a single event with 17 additional and specific awards for content published this past year. This showing also topped all other university and college newspapers within The DePaulia’s division (weekly papers, enrollment over 4,000).

1st Place General News Photography: Grant Myatt
1st Place Sports Page Design: Max Kleiner
1st Place Sports Column writing: David Webber
1st Place Column Writing: Zoe Krey
2nd Place Spot News Photography: Matt Paras
2nd Place General News Photography: Courtney Jacquin
2nd Place Feature Page Design: Max Kleiner
2nd Place Sports Feature Writing: Parker Asmann
3rd Place News Story: Haley BeMiller
3rd Place column Writing: Courtney Jacquin/Haley BeMiller
3rd Place Critical Review Non-film: Andrew Morrell
3rd Place Opinion Pages:  Kevin Gross
3rd Place Sports News Writing: Matt Paras
Honorable Mention Photo Essay: Arthur Ortiz
Honorable Mention News Story: Kevin Gross
Honorable Mention Shoot Chicago Contest: Grant Myatt

A hearty applause for all of our student journalists for the hard work and award-worthy journalism you produce.