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The Media Engagement Research Laboratory (ME Lab)

Me Lab

The Media Engagement Research Laboratory (ME Lab) is a collaborative space that investigates the impact of communication on society. This initiative is open to faculty, undergraduate and graduate students at DePaul University.

Using a variety of approaches, methods and theories, the ME Lab is a project started by Public Relations and Advertising faculty at DePaul. We aim to become a consortium of faculty and students with multi-disciplinary foci, including advertising, public relations, health communication, marketing, and social media, to name a few.


The ME Lab is equipped with cutting edge technology, including capabilities to track user’s visual attention to mediated messages (e.g., eye tracking and facial expressions) and online viral behaviors (e.g., social media sentiment scanners), among others. Studies in the ME Lab seek to unravel the processes behind user engagement with mediated content.

The lab is located in Suites 1250 and 1252 at 14 E. Jackson Blvd., within the College of Communication. We can be reached by telephone at (312) 362-7192.


Get Involved

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