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DePaul Pop Culture Conference

DePaul Pop Culture Conference
DePaul Pop Culture Conference attendees look over items for sale

About the Conference

The DePaul Pop Culture Conference is an annual fan/academic event at DePaul University. Bringing together fans, scholars, and media makers from around the world, each conference focuses on a specific theme in popular culture and cult media. Past topics include Disney, Harry Potter, Star Trek, Supernatural, and Doctor Who.

A keynote speaker nominates a charity for the conference to support each year. Attendees, speakers and fans can donate to the charity in a number of ways: silent auction, baked goods, monetary contributions or t-shirt sales. All together, the conference has raised over $6,000 for various charities, including the ACLU, Full Flood Endowment Fund, and Equality Now.

The 2024 DePaul Pop Culture Conference 

2024 DePaul Pop Culture Conference Theme Star Wars
Join us for an exciting program of panels, keynotes, workshops, and more fun events at 'A Celebration of Star Wars,' May 4, 2024, on DePaul's Loop Campus. Attendance is free of charge. Proceeds from donations to the 2024 DePaul Pop Culture conference will benefit Louisiana SPCA.

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