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Center for Communication Engagement

Center for Communication Engagement
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Empowerment through voice, engagement through dialogue, action through connection

The Center for Communication Engagement promotes communication-based problem-solving and research-based solutions for social innovation. The center provides opportunities for DePaul students and faculty to pursue teaching, research, and service across a variety of areas.

The Voice Project

The Voice Project engages with social issues through public speaking and public voice. Active initiatives include:
  • The Op-Ed Project, a three-month fellowship that trains DePaul faculty to translate their research for the general public
  • TEDxDePaul University, an annual speaking event that encourages the DePaul community to share their “ideas worth spreading”
  • Day of Public Voice, a new annual student speech contest on DePaul's campus
  • Guest speakers and special events related to public voice and social engagement


Labs in the Center for Communication Engagement investigate the impact of communication on society and offer opportunities for current students to do hands-on research with faculty.

Media Engagement Laboratory (ME Lab)

At the ME Lab, faculty and student researchers offer market research services to the DePaul community, Chicago businesses and NGOs to determine how consumers interact with media.

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Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication Lab (VARC)

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Communication Lab (VARC) houses state-of-the-art equipment for virtual and augmented reality to help people learn how to effectively and ethically communicate in VR and AR.

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