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Latino Media & Communication

Latino Media & Communication (LM&C) offers focused courses based on an awareness and appreciation of Latino cultures in the U.S., grounded in history, communication, culture, performance, and sociology. These Latino-focused courses are in Public Relations and Advertising, Intercultural Communication, Journalism, and Media and Cinema Studies.

The program offers a minor or a concentration, taught by outstanding faculty, and develops culturally sophisticated and savvy global citizens.

Students completing a minor or concentration in LM&C will be able to communicate with diverse Latino populations utilizing skills that create and engage in effective communication in the U.S. and globally. LM&C graduates will have marketable skills in a range of careers — from professional, to non-profit, to academia. Students will encounter many opportunities for international study, application of their work, and access to DePaul’s extensive network of alumni and professionals working in Latino media and communication.

Undergraduate courses include:

  • Multiculturalism in the United States: The Construction of Latino Communities
  • Latino Communication, Culture & Community
  • Latina/o Psychology
  • Topics in Cultural Discourse: Photography and Culture Journalism Topics
  • Topics in Latin American Studies: Documentary in the Americas
  • Topics in Global Cinema: Latin American Cinemas
  • Latino/a Television and Media
  • Account Planning and Consumer Insights for Latino Markets
  • Latino Strategic Communication Campaigns
  • Special Topics in Public Relations
  • Marketing across Cultures – Latin Markets
  • Integrated Marketing Communication: Multicultural Markets
  • Advanced Communication Internship
  • Communication Internship Special Topics
  • Latino Media Literacy
  • Perspectives on Community Service

Graduate courses include:

  • Latino Communication in Cultural Contexts
  • Latin American Cinema/Media
  • Multicultural Communication in the Workplace
  • Special Topics in Journalism (when topic relates to Latino Media/Communication)
  • Topics in Cinema Studies (when topic relates to Latino Media & Communication)
  • Consumer Insights for Latino Markets
  • Latino Marketing Communication
  • Contemporary Issues in Public Relations and Advertising (when topic relates to Latino Media/Communication)
  • Marketing Across Cultures

For more information about Latino Media & Communication, contact Juan Mundel at or at (312) 362-7192.