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United Kingdom: Doctor Who

United Kingdom

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The British television program "Doctor Who" is more than just a TV show. It’s a 50-year snapshot of changing cultures, new technologies, different audiences, and multiple media. Telling the story of an ancient alien time traveler, "Doctor Who" has been able to reinvent itself over and over again. This course will introduce students to the immense history of the classic and popular series of "Doctor Who" with an eye towards understanding the relevant historical, cultural, aesthetic, and critical lenses by which we can analyze the show. Students will investigate new ways to criticize television as well as garner an appreciation for multiple types of media in the course.

The study abroad portion of this course takes students to London and Cardiff—where "Doctor Who" is made today—to understand better the cultural of production and fandom for the show today. "Doctor Who" is a British national institution, so we will visit sites both specific to the show (e.g., The "Doctor Who" Experience) and also sites with historical and cultural relevance to aspects within the production of the show (e.g., The Globe Theatre). Students will hear from guest speakers and scholars, and learn through the physical location of the show.


This course offers an introduction to different types of critical lenses, through which students will examine the brand, a multi-media experience, and cult object that is "Doctor Who." Through screenings, readings, and discussion, students will explore "Doctor Who" in order to learn different characteristics of television criticism. Students will be encouraged to develop a critical voice of their own, all the while learning to understand the popularity and cultural impact of this important television milestone.

Program Director

Paul Booth, Professor,

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This study away opportunity is generally offered every other year.

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