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Undergraduate Communication and Media, Media and Popular Culture & Organizational Communication Programs

Our undergraduate programs in Communication and Media, Media and Cinema Studies, and Organizational Communication give you the knowledge and tools to enter a variety of different industries.


Communication and Media BA

The Communication and Media BA also offers an online degree completion option where you can take your third and fourth year courses entirely online.

Media and Popular Culture BA
Organizational Communication BA


Majors in these programs as well as others can be complimented with a number of minors in varying subjects such as International Communication, Intercultural Communication, Documentary Studies, Cinema Studies, Organizational Communication, Media and Popular Culture, Communication and Media, and more. See all minors.

Combined Degree Programs

Students pursuing a BA in Communication and Media, Media and Popular Culture, or Organizational Communication also have the opportunity to apply for the combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program—completing coursework at an accelerated pace, saving time and money.

High-achieving first-year students can choose to complete the combined bachelor's + juris doctor (JD) program to earn a bachelor's degree and law degree in a total of six years.

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  • Lambda Pi Eta: Official honor society for Communication Studies, Communication and Media, Communication and Technology, and Organizational Communication majors

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