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Bronstein Promotes Leadership Training in Communication Programs

In “Preparing Tomorrow’s Leaders Integrating Leadership Development in Journalism and Mass Communication Education,” a paper co-authored by Kathy Fitzpatrick (of Florida International University), College of Communication Professor Carolyn Bronstein discusses the importance of leadership in educating students entering the constantly changing professional fields of journalism and mass media.

Bronstein expounded on her and Fitzpatrick’s work earlier this summer on Mediashift in her article, “Why Leadership Training is Key in Preparing Students for the New Media World”. Educators seeking more information on staying on the forefront of teaching new generations of communicators should find both pieces of interest.

"Preparing Tomorrow's Leaders..." Abstract:
New journalism and mass communication curricula must prepare students to lead the media revolutions of the twenty-first century. Journalism, public relations, and advertising are being transformed by new media platforms and entrepreneurship, and these fields are now defined by rapid, radical change. Yet, the corresponding—and urgent—need to incorporate leadership education has not been widely articulated as a curricular priority. Leadership education would help students develop the knowledge and skills to lead dynamic industries and a leadership mind-set oriented to innovation. Leadership education would be especially beneficial for female students entering fields in which women are underrepresented in senior leadership.