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The Voice Project

The Voice Project aims to raise awareness of and engagement with social issues through initiatives led by DePaul students and faculty.

OpEd Project faculty

The Op-Ed Project

This three-month program trains faculty to translate their research for the general public through popular writing and other forms of journalism, including broadcasting and digital forms. Faculty use their research to provide informed commentary and offer workable solutions to social problems.

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A speaker at TEDxDePaul University in 2019

TEDxDePaul University

This annual speaking forum encourages DePaul students, faculty, staff and alumni to share their “ideas worth spreading” with the broader community. The program is sponsored by DePaul University Academic Affairs, University Marketing Communications and the College of Communication.

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Day of Public Voice

The annual Day of Public Voice invites students to present speeches organized around a singular theme. This new speech contest draws from the college’s wide range of public speaking classes, allowing students to apply the public speaking skills they learn in class to everyday speaking contexts.