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​​​Graduate Internship Course Enrollment

You cannot enroll into CMN 591 until you have completed the steps outlined at How to Apply for Internship Credit. Since internships need to be secured and approved by the Director of Internships, enrollment for CMN 591 typically does not occure during registration week. But don't worry! You can still apply for credit up until the first week of the quarter you intend to take CMN 591. Refer to How to Apply for Internship Credit to review enrollment deadlined by quarter.
When taken concurrently with an internship, CMN 591 can be taken as a 4-credit experiential learning course. 
You can take CMN 591 twice; the course is repeatable. However, graduate students in the College of Communication may complete a maximum of 8 credits worth of experiential learning/independent study courses. Please check with your academic advisor to confirm that you would be eligible to repeat CMN 591.