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Earning Credit for Internships

Do I need to be interning at the same time I am taking the internship class?

Yes, students MUST take the class (CMN 394 or CMN 395) the quarter they are participating in the internship. Class assignments are designed to allow for students to reflect on their experiences, think critically about the leadership and organization of your internship firm, and develop skills while interning.

​​​Can I work from home and still get credit?

You are not allowed to work from home if you want to earn academic credit toward the experiential learning requirement through CMN 394.   ​

Can I get credit for an internship over the summer?

Yes, all our courses are offered in the summer as well but the courses are 10 weeks long—not five ​

Can I get credit over December Intersession?

Yes. But your internship must start no later than November 4th (in 2019) and you must work 100 hours by December 20​. ​

Can I get credit for an internship abroad or in another state?

Yes, you may take a fully online section provided the internship meets the program’s Internship Position Standards  ​

I took an internship last summer. How do I get credit for it?

You can’t. Credit is only granted for an internship that is taken at the same time as the internship course.    ​

Can I use my job as my internship for credit?

It depends. Please email Graciela Kenig at with the following information. Name of the company and how long you have worked there; your position description; whether or not the work you do is related to your major; and whether or not your supervisor will agree to consider the quarter’s work as an internship   ​

Can I be paid for my internship and still get credit?

Yes, you can have an internship that is paid and still receive credit for it.   ​​