Journalism’s Moore on Importance of 'Teaching Good Journalism in a World of Alt. Facts'

Instructor Evan Moore  
Evan Moore, who joined our Journalism faculty as an adjunct instructor this Winter Quarter, has penned a piece on the importance of "Teaching Good Journalism in a World of Alternative Facts and Political Opinions", for the Imperial Valley Press.

In his article, Moore discusses what conversation in College of Communication classrooms with our Journalism students has been like in an era when "facts" touted by partisan spokespersons and politicians aren't always in sync with the bedrock journalistic search for truth and verifiable fact.
"My students at DePaul University in Chicago are aware of what's ahead of them. Journalism is needed more than ever despite the fact that newsrooms are shrinking by the day. I try my best to give them the skills they need to succeed. I often tell them to look past the convenient narratives... A good journalist looks for a good story, not to validate someone's partisan politics."
Source: Pressreader