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Degree Completion/Graduation

All students are required to meet specific course and program requirements in order to earn a degree from DePaul University.

All students are required to submit an online application for graduation in Campus Connect (Academic Progress → Apply for Graduation). Failure to submit an application for degree conferral will delay the official degree award date. Students who miss the deadline must contact their assigned advisor. The deadlines to submit the application for degree conferral are as follows:

  • October 1 for students completing degree requirements in fall quarter
  • January 15 for students completing degree requirements in winter quarter
  • February 1 for students completing degree requirements in spring quarter
  • July 15 for students completing degree requirements in summer session

For undergraduate students, the minimum degree completion/graduation requirements are:

  • Complete the minimum of a 192 credit hours for all Bachelor of Arts Degrees
  • Earn a minimum cumulative GPA. of 2.000

Commencement Ceremony

One commencement ceremony is held each year for the College of Communication. This ceremony is typically held on the weekend immediately following the last day of final exams for spring quarter. 

Once you have applied for graduation, you will receive more information from your college office regarding commencement and how to order a cap and gown. Attendance at the commencement ceremony is optional. Guests are required to have tickets to attend the ceremony.

Diplomas and Transcripts

The University Registrar notifies students via email when the degree is officially posted to the transcript and the diploma is ready to be mailed. This will be approximately 6-8 weeks after the term in which the student completed his or her degree requirements. At this time, if there are no holds on the student’s record, the University Registrar mails the diploma to the mailing address indicated in Campus Connect. Students should make sure the mailing address in Campus Connect is updated appropriately to ensure proper delivery of the diploma.

If you have successfully completed your degree requirements and have applied for graduation, but have not received your diploma, you can order a duplicate diploma by visiting DePaul Central.​