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CMN 394 The Working World of Communication (4 cr.)
Learn career planning skills, explore the organization in which you work, gain an understanding of how you contributed to the organization, and discuss societal and world issues as they affect your workplace. The final project is a professional digital portfolio. PREREQUISITE(S): Completed orientation workshop. Hybrid sections meet evenings every other week for two hours and also require weekly online work.  The course is also available fully online. NOTE: CMN 394 meets the Experiential Learning requirement.

CMN 395 Internship Practicum (4 cr.)
Learn how to use your internship and other job experiences to prepare for uninterrupted employment after graduation.  Assignments include leveraging strengths and professional relationships, taking calculated risks and seeking feedback for sustained professional and personal growth. NOTE: CMN 395 does not meet the Experiential Learning requirement but counts as an elective in your major. May be taken more than once.