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​​The College of Communication offers two undergraduate internship courses, both of which meet the Experiential Learning requirement. If you have already fulfilled Experiential Learning, the courses may be counted towards a general elective requirement, a communication elective, and/or a course within your major. Students must take CMN 394/395 concurrently with an internship that meets our ​positio​n standards.​

CMN 394: Making the Most of Your Communication Internship (4 credits)

Learn and implement career planning skills that will enrich your internship experience and prepare you for workplace success in the future. Explore your organization in depth, gain an understanding of how you can contribute to its mission and goals, build and maintain professional relationships, and establish a foundation for effective career decision-making. The final project is a professional digital portfolio. PREREQUISITE(S): Completed online orientation session.  

CMN 395: Internship Practicum (4 credits)

Learn how to use your internship and other job experiences to prepare for continued, successful employment after graduation. Assignments include leveraging strengths and professional relationships, taking calculated risks, and seeking feedback for sustained professional and personal growth. CMN 395 is a Special Topics course that may be taken more than once.​ Topics Include: Leveraging Your Way to Career Success, Recession-Proof Career Planning, and Navigating the Global Workplace​. PREREQUISITE(S): Completed online orientation session.