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Tuition & Aid


Undergraduate tuition is structured on a package rate. Full-time tuition covers 12–18 credits, and students who enroll in more than 18 credits are charged at the part-time credit rate.

For more information on tuition rates, please visit DePaul’s tuition website.

Financial Aid

Students who plan to fund their education through federal loans should complete and submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). DePaul’s Financial Aid Office will create a financial aid package based on your FAFSA information.

College of Communication Named and Endowed Scholarship Opportunities

Through the generosity of alumni and friends, the following named and endowed scholarship opportunities are available to majors in the College of Communication. Unless otherwise noted, each scholarship is offered for the Fall term each year and opens in late summer prior to the fall start. Criteria and award amounts vary and require a filed FAFSA. Apply through Scholarship Connect at

  • The Joe and Mary Anne Cappo Endowed Scholarship recognizes the merit of an outstanding first-generation junior or senior College of Communication student with financial need.
  • The Ron Culp Endowed Scholarship for Future Leaders in Public Relations recognizes and provides financial assistance to outstanding public relations and advertising majors or minors who intend to pursue a career in public relations. Special consideration given to first-generation college students.
  • The Dean's Council Endowed Scholarship in Communication recognizes an exceptional undergraduate or graduate student in the College of Communication in good academic standing and with financial need.
  • The Ferrill Family Scholarship recognizes an exceptional undergraduate or graduate student in the College of Communication in good academic standing and with financial need.
  • The Carlos Hernandez Meritorious Endowed Award for Undergraduate Journalism awards an outstanding undergraduate junior or senior enrolled in the Journalism program and completing an internship with financial need.
  • The Journalism Internship Scholarship ensures that students pursuing a degree in journalism have access to internships for credit by providing financial assistance. Journalism majors, minors and graduate students are welcome to apply for financial assistance while completing a journalism-related internship for credit via the College of Communication Internship Program. Scholarships offered every Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer as funding is available.
  • The Kat McCullough Endowed Scholarship awards a high-achieving College of Communication junior or senior student based on merit and financial need.
  • The Jeannie Morris Endowed Memorial Scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance to students enrolled in the College of Communication in good standing with financial need. Special consideration for female students and those with a demonstrated interest in increasing the prevalence of and/or the role of women in journalism and sports communication. Please note, this scholarship was awarded in Fall 2021 and is renewable. It is currently not open for Fall 2022. 
  • The Wilke Family Endowed Scholarship in Communication supports the achievements of a junior or senior student majoring in Journalism or Intercultural Communication with financial need.

Application Procedures

  • Go to Scholarship Connect and sign in using your Campus Connect ID and password.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the General Application.
  • Use the search feature to locate the opportunity for which you wish to apply. Complete and submit the application for the opportunity selected.


Application deadlines are available in Scholarship Connect.

Awards and Notification

If awarded a College of Communication scholarship, you will receive both an email notification and will find information under the “Applications” tab in Scholarship Connect. Post-award information may be required, so please review all notifications thoroughly.

Additional Opportunities

You may be qualified for other external scholarship opportunities and Scholarship Connect is an excellent way to search for additional scholarship options. Be sure to check Scholarship Connect regularly, as new opportunities are added often.


For help on using and searching Scholarship Connect, more about Financial Aid, or filing the FAFSA, contact DePaul Central. For questions about the above College of Communication scholarship opportunities, contact Shena Ramsay at or (312) 362-7568.