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Undergraduate Career Outcomes

One of the common questions about study in the communication fields has long been, "What can you do with a degree in communication?" The answer to that question is as multifaceted as are our fields of study, but one that every student should explore on their way toward their professional lives. What follows is a listing of the many careers an education in communication and lead toward.

2015 Career Outcomes — Undergraduate Degree Recipients

Each year, the DePaul University Career Center surveys DePaul’s graduating class to assess their post-graduation status. Undergraduates are surveyed at graduation and six months after degree completion.
  • 87% of bachelor's degree recipients are in full-time roles are in a job related to their degree.
  • 23% of employed graduates are in entrepreneurial, contract, or freelance roles
* All preceding data is courtesy the DePaul University Career Center, as presented in their 2015 Career Outcomes study.